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I am a visual artist living in Maryland (Previously Houston, previously Austin!). I paint romance, memories, and mountains. My work is about the relationships we have with ourselves, our world, and each other - involving explorations of the roles of belief, memory, and our understandings of reality and fantasy. 

What is the meaning of fantasy, especially when life itself pretty good? Why, upon second thought, are fairy tales so very dark? Why isn’t romance dead yet? Why do we need stories?

This and more!


What are you working on right now?

My life revolves around my original work, Tilted Sun, a hacker-drama comic set in the far future. Cyborgs! Computer birds! Software! Saturn is a sun now for some reason! If you’re reading this page I think you’ll like it. :)

I’m also working on another comic, Crow Magnum! A small-town psychic murder thriller! Yes!!!

Aside from this website, one of the best places to keep up with my recent work is Instagram! Here is a snapshot of what I have been thinking about, and what I have been up to in the studio:



Do you take commissions?

Not right now! I have worked with many different subjects in commissioned work. If you have a moment you'd like to keep near you as a work of art, please feel free to reach out to me. 

A few recent art commissions: 


Another way to get commissioned work, paintings, and prints, is to become a supporter of my work on Patreon. 


Where did you study?

I studied at CU Boulder from 2004-2007 (graduated a year early) and earned a bachelor's in fine art and English literature. I liked it so much at CU Boulder that I returned in 2008-2010 for a master's degree in English literature.  

As I went through my studies, it became clear to me that just studying art alone was not enough - novels, short stories, film, and poetry were all a part of my education, as well as painting, sculpture, and comic book writing. As I taught younger students in graduate school, they often asked me if they should pursue just art or just writing. I always said - if you like both and you want to be good at both, do both! You can DO this! CU Boulder was a great school for encouraging this multidisciplinary, yet rigorous approach. 

I grew up in beautiful Leadville, Colorado - a very unusual place that I often represent in my oil paintings as well as digital art. 


What else do you do? 

Aside from making art and comics, I write about art's importance in our world today, art history, and tools for making art. You can find my writings here or on Twitter here. I also help companies make better software and tell more enchanting stories about their products. 

Other than that, I enjoy life in Maryland with my husband Marc, and Geddy the Poodle. 

Many of my paintings, drawings, prints, and other works are permanently available at Harper Rose Studios in Leadville, Colorado. 

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2014  |  USA Pro Challenge Bike Exhibit  |  Denver International Airport

photo 1   photo 2

2010-2014  |  Becky Jewell at Norlin  |  Norlin Library, University of Colorado Boulder

photo 1   photo 2

2006  |  Stencillism  |  Sibelle Wolle Gallery, University of Colorado Boulder