Concept work for Tilted Sun

As I write this I am about five months into development for my webcomic, Tilted Sun.  These pages are from a thin-sheeted moleskine notebook that isn't really meant for heavy marker. I drew these sketches to get a feel for character and space. 


So why does it take so much time to make and launch a silly internet cartoon? It probably doesn't take other artists so long, but I just want to do it right! I want to make something amazing for people to read, something that isn't bound by page limits or publisher specifications. But, I also want to do a good job. I don't want to throw out characters that feel rushed, or just make something that oozes pathos. 

While writing the story for Tilted Sun I listened to a lot of Tubular Bells and other longform albums from Mike Oldfield and also Jean Michel Jarre. I had Steven Wilson on repeat. Something just switched in my head and suddenly I really liked experimental music and prog rock.  After listening to these artists all day for days on end, I realized that what drew me to these artists was the narrative qualities of their music. I stuck with it to make just about everything in the series. 

So, what is Tilted Sun about? You can find out when it launches!  It doesn't have a tasty hook or a cool one-line summary. It might have both of these things in the future, but right now it is just a story. 

The website is at, and the twitter account is: @tiltedsun