Shameless Fan Art I Made




From time to time I make fan art, not necessarily for any reason. What I like most about making fan art is that it makes my friends happy. 

Most of the fan art I do is about either videogames, comics, or sci fi movies and shows. 

I made four or five oil paintings of Pokemon: Muchlax, Cresselia, Shiny Porygon, and Magikarp. Probably had the most fun with Magikarp. 

magikarp oil painting pokemon.JPG

He is such a decrepit fish, yet something about him is so lively. It must be the orange. Cresselia turned out to be very difficult to make! Munchlax was just a delight to re-create in oil. Pthalo blue is a good look for him. 

I made this image of Link after scanning in a drawing and painting it in Photoshop. 

I am not great at painting in Photoshop. (Procreate is my choice). What I remembered most about Ocarina of Time as a kid was that adult Link had a big nose in the actual game. Or he seemed to have a big nose. I don't know, I was 14 at the time of playing that game, and 14 year olds tend to notice things like that! So I made him into a character with a less anime style nose here. I added the pink background so he would look a bit like a teenage heartthrob. I tried to play Ocarina of Time again as an adult but I got stuck in an ice cave. I should really try harder. 





This image of Terra from FF6 is colored ink, which is almost exactly like watercolor, just with absolutely no body to the medium. It is all fluid, not paint. 

I wanted to make her into a super cool fighter here, because she was really great. Looking back she should have been using magic though, not a sword.

I did another watercolor type drawing of the main character from Persona 4. It turned out all right. 


Most anime is just not supposed to be watercolor since anime is so clear and crisp, so the challenge here was to make a usually-crisp character still look on point despite the flowery qualities of ink and water. 


One of my favorite movies of all time is Aladdin. The story, the songs, the characters, and the colors are all just perfect. As a kid I bought some trading cards from Skybox on Aladdin and I kept the card featuring this moment on my desk. "Touch nothing but the lamp".


 I guess it is a moment of finally realizing a goal after focusing, despite elaborate distractions. This film moment has just stayed with me forever so I draw it from time to time. 


This oil painting I made of a screen from Myst taught me many things. Game-places are just as real to paint as real places. Painting those rocks was work to get them to pop out and look real, as I am sure it was work to render the rocks in the first place in the original game. 

This was interesting so I may try to make more oil paintings of places in games that do not technically exist, and then put the landscapes next to real earth place landscapes and see who notices.