Inktober: October 3 - 6

Cat Friends Ink Art - by Becky Jewell.png

Right now I am alternating between simple forms in ink and difficult forms in ink. It's good to warm up or start with a simple piece (like cat silhouettes!), and then flex into a more challenging shape (like Adam touching the hand of God!) 

Adam and God - Becky Jewell.png


With ink, you really only get once chance. There is no erasing, so the key is to make sure that you are either in the right zone to draw well, or, if you draw something that isn't perfect, you are:

1. Okay with imperfection

2. Ready to abandon the piece at a moment's notice

3. Ready to work on the next piece.

I like working with ink because it is so permanent and also because it enforces a kind of rapid iterative state as well as a state that enables a forgiving nature  - you must keep iterating, you must keep trying - not every try will be perfect. It's possible to let go. 

Cat Ink Art - By Becky Jewell.png
Stretching Cat Ink Art - by Becky Jewell.png
Recursion - Ink art by Becky Jewell.png

The piece above is a continuation of other ink circles I have been working on. For this piece, I was kind of hoping to make a sort of solar system metaphor, but, I eventually ran out of space. I should be able to nail down the solar system idea soon. :) 

Also, great news! My Inktober works are now on the store. These are original ink and watercolor pieces on watercolor paper. Each piece is signed by me, shipping is also included! Take a peek.