Airport Drawings: IAH and DIA

This lady had allergies of some kind but she wasn't too deterred by them - she kept pulling tissues out of her bag, but never seemed less than serene. Drawing her tights/leggings was fun! 

The terminal for the drawing above was super crowded and looked like it hadn't been cleaned in several days. Trash drifted across the carpet as I struggled to find a spot where I could draw. These folks were far away, I couldn't quite get their faces but their feet and legs seemed to stand out. I gave up on drawing all the trash in the terminal and went for a white background. 

The only problem with having the largest iPad Pro available is that it attracts quite a lot of attention, making it hard to just draw people without them eventually looking at you funny. My goal in life is to avoid those funny looks as much as possible. 



The man in this drawing was tired and held still for a long time. He was going to New York and was wearing a Pride shirt. Using just one color, I wasn't able to capture the pride shirt very well. 


This couple was either visiting Texas for the first time, or, they have always been from Texas. I couldn't tell. They had the most interesting expressions. 

I feel I captured this person's expression really well - he was staring at that computer for minutes on end. The only thing more time-bending than staring at a computer is watching someone stare at a computer.