June 2017 Studio Recap


This month I took my art studio mobile, visiting Leadville, Colorado to capture the majesty of the rocky mountains! Here are some highlights: 

More details on the plein air trip here: https://www.beckyjewellart.com/…/2…/6/26/plein-air-leadville

I might try to do more plein air journeys soon - it was great to paint mountains and rivers. 

My biggest project this month involved finishing the piece below for a colleague.

The painting represents a timeline of all of the companies founded by the painting's new owner, along with a symbol representing his brand new marriage. It was fun to work on a painting like this - it involved a bit of looking back and looking forward on accomplishments. 

While traveling from Houston to Colorado and back again, I knocked out some drawings of folks at airport terminals. My iPad’s charge didn’t make it too long and I could only draw folks in the terminals, not on the plane. Probably better that way. 

Here is a page with all of my airport drawings from June 2017.  

To sum up the past six months of time in the studio, I ran some estimates this week and realized that I've made nearly 65 paintings this year for private clients or for general sale on my store, and at Harperrose art in Leadville.

Even though this sounds like a lot of paintings, my inner self still tells me that I am being incredibly lazy and that I haven't done anything at all! Here is about half of all the paintings I've made since January 1: 


With all these paintings on the wall and in their happy new homes, I’ve returned to working on my comic book, Tilted Sun. Here are some non-spoilerific pages I worked on lately in Procreate. 

Overall the comic has been a blast to work on, I'll probably release it/look for publishers when it has more pages, around 100 or so. Right now it doesn't make sense in the short form. I'm still not interested in saying what Tilted Sun is about, in the sense that if you asked someone to describe Star Wars in one sentence, all you'd come up with is probably "Hero goes on a journey" - the rest has to be shown, not told! :) 

You guys are my favorite for reading! Catch you around.