Shameless Fan Art I Made: Final Fantasy Weapons

Near the end of Final Fantasy VII, a squad of Godzilla-like creatures crawl out of the ground and roam the earth, and then you fight them. Because lord knows you can't be friends with them.



Ruby Weapon used to kick my butt and, fighting it back in 1999-2000, I didn't have a great strategy to beat it.

I think I finally beat it using the Knights of the Round summon, which I found after breeding gold chocobos that I discovered on some sketch message board. If you asked me to beat Ruby Weapon today I would have a 1/4 chance of succeeding I bet. It is fun to watch people come up with weird ways to beat these on youtube though. Such a mean boss.


My favorite is when Emerald Weapon just steps on you. And then it fires a laser that explodes the ground beneath you even though you are all underwater. I included the timer in this drawing of Emerald because the timer is just as present as Emerald's magnificent round feet. 

Hey, you're fighting a giant Godzilla monster ... with a sword... and possibly a gun... underwater. Why not pretend that you and your cohorts can hold their breath for a full 20 minutes? 

I decided to go with drawing 9999 or max damage over the canvases. I don't even think 9999 damage really happens that much in FF7 so it is kind of weird idealistic videogame battle art.  

I beat Emerald Weapon only once out of sheer luck. It was pretty hard. 

I don't remember much about Ultima Weapon - while I spent hours trying to find excellent ways to stab and subdue the other two Weapons, Ultima would take 50,000 damage and then fly to a scenic crater lake for a siesta. Then you had to fight it again. Maybe Ultima is the easiest and hardest Weapon to beat in that way, just because you have to chase it around the globe.

As far as what the Weapons really are, they are released from their earthly prison in order to save the planet. So as a player, you are going around slaying these giant guardians of the world.

Why? Because they are there, and nothing happens if you leave them be, and everyone wants something to happen.

Nothing bad happens in the game if you don't defeat Ruby Weapon. Maybe you aren't that great of a protagonist after all if you do kill Ruby Weapon. 

Maybe what Godzilla wants is right, and what you want is insignificant. 

To keep up with me in this silly JRPG feel free to find me on Twitch. Today we are at the Gold Saucer! Tomorrow... the moon! 

Prince Geddy the poodle decided to stop by to play Playstation with me

Prince Geddy the poodle decided to stop by to play Playstation with me