Apple Pencil Goes Swimming, Rice Bag Doesn't Help


This blog does not contain the secret to saving an Apple Pencil when washed, but, this is something I tried!

After getting caught in a rainstorm while walking Geddy the poodle, my sweater was soaked so I threw it into the wash. 

Ten minutes later, I was about to take some notes on my iPad, when I realized, with a sinking heart, I had left my apple pencil in my sweater.

I went to the washing machine and dug the sweater out of a two foot deep pool of water, jeans and shirts. Maybe I hadn't washed the pencil, maybe it fell out of my sweater... 

No such luck, the Apple Pencil was definitely water damaged. 

I sat at my desk and googled "What to do if Apple Pencil submerged" "Apple Pencil water damage" "Apple Pencil water"

Put it in rice maybe? 

I googled and googled and nothing came up. 

So, I tried moving some apps around with the pencil on the iPad. No dice. I plugged the pencil into the iPad. 

The iPad put up a screen that complained that the device I just plugged in was not true Apple hardware. Okay, I said, dismissing the notice. 

Suddenly, some sort of miracle allowed the pencil to work for a few minutes, then, it stopped working. 

I put it in a rice bag for two weeks, removing it every couple days to see if the pencil worked again. No dice. The iPad Pro's bluetooth recognized that a device was there, so something about the pencil worked, but, the pencil had lost its ability to hold a charge. 

Part of it was alive, but a key part was dead.

Has anyone had luck with reviving an Apple Pencil after washing it?