December 2017 Studio Update

Fairy Slipper Orchids Painting - Leadville.JPG

Before moving to Maryland I made a couple final paintings in Houston, including this piece of a Fairy Slipper Orchid: 

Fairy Slipper Orchids.JPG

I will miss painting in Houston and I will miss the weird ideas that swooped down upon me while stuck in traffic. 

Becky Jewell Flower Paintings.png

These pieces will be available at in Leadville, Colorado. 

Moving Troll.png

Right before moving I had the chance to visit Paris, France, and see some of the greatest paintings of art history. I was interested to capture the self-portraits of painters and paintings of painters.

"What do you mean, the painting has to be done by tomorrow?"

"What do you mean, the painting has to be done by tomorrow?"


There were moments in the Louvre that surprised me, such as my own awe at sculpture. 

cupid and psyche.png
Cupid and Psyche drawing.png

After the Louvre I tried a quick drawing of the sculpture with the photo as reference. The statue had too many admirers in the museum itself - I would have never been able to get close enough and have enough time to make a drawing there! 

While in Paris I was also able to pick up some water color pencils (more on those soon!) and very special paper.

Geddy the Poodle watercolor pencil.png
Moulin de larroque paper.png

This paper turned out to be so special that when I searched for it online, the website seemed to be defunct. 

The art store in Paris that I visited was this one: I was amazed by their selection of handmade papers, along with many other fine art materials such as pigment, pastel crayons, and easels.  

That is December on the studio side! Catch you guys soon.